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Be like serenity, help position my mind. Maybe you can change me. Maybe you can be the light that opens up my eyes.

Justin Bieber

I thought I told you not trust these hoes. Say they love you and you know they don’t. Say they will but shit you know they won’t. Yeah you hear me, you don’t feel me though. You are not the only one. I was not the only one, I was not the only one to you. So I was the only lonely one. Really we had the perfect end, that night we shared at the Comfort Inn. We made love like the love the world would of ended. If either of us had admitted we were in love, but I was the only one. So I was the only lonely one.

Jhene Aiko

I’m sorry for not giving my heart to you, I’m sorry for the things that I put you through. Sorry for my issues on trust. Only thinking about myself instead of thinking about this thing called us.

Hamilton Park

I need an extra day on the week, an extra hour on the clock just to show you how beautiful you are. You’re so good to me. I need an extra month on the year, one extra holiday to kiss you all over your face. You got me, speechless.


Even the best fall down sometimes. Even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills your mind. Somehow you and I will collide.


Have you guys noticed that #Instagram has become a “my life is better than your life contest”?

It’s like everyone is in competition to make their life look more appealing than the next human being. I’ve been more #Tumblr active because of this lately.

Tumblr is the land of the free we create our own rules. We are not defined by society standards and have absolutely no desire to fit in.

10 Years and a Dream

A short story by Joseph Anthony Rivers

Once upon a time there was a boy who searched for a sacred diamond in a faraway cave. He was told from a wise elder that it would bring him great riches and joy if had ever found it. For 10 years he traveled to that cave and dug deeper into its atmosphere in search of that precious diamond. Each day he would return home at sunset only more disappointed than he was the previous day. Instead of returning to the cave the next day the young boy awoke and decided to give up on his dream of obtaining that diamond. He figured that it required too much work to possess a dream that he didn’t know for sure was possible to achieve. As he sat there looking out of his window he noticed a small boy running through the corn fields unattended. He quickly burst through his wooden door and headed toward the corn field. He yelled to the little boy to slow down. The little boy continued to run further and further into the field toward the cave. As he got toward the end of the field he caught a glimpse of the little boy run into the caves entrance. Luckily, he remembered he had his flashlight and small shovel attached to his belt which he never took off. He entered the cave calling for the young boy but received no response. As he searched for the young boy he began to look around at how many holes he had dug in that 10 years he had been traveling to that cave. He realized how much work he had put into finding that diamond. As he traveled deeper into the cave he heard the little boy call to him. To his amazement the voice was coming from the same part of the cave he was supposed to work on that day. Yet, the little boy was not there. He heard the little boy call to him again but from under the ground. He grabbed his shovel from his belt and began to dig in an effort to save the little boy. Each time he dug into the ground the cave began to brighten more and more. The boy stepped into the hole to dig further as he seen a marvelous light peeking through the rocky surface. In one last dig the entire cave lit up as if heaven had visited the land. There laid in his shovel that very diamond he had set on a journey to find 10 years ago. The little boy’s voice spoke again. It calmly uttered, “Thank you.” The boy stood there in total amazement as the little boys voice came from the precious diamond. He now noticed that the atmosphere had sent the little boy to not let him give up on his dream. For the atmosphere knew that he had worked tirelessly in search of that diamond. For that was his dream. For all it took was one more push, one more hole, at the exact moment the boy had wanted to quit to find what he had longed for all those years. For when you are chasing your dream with all your might the universe will conspire to assist you. You’re just one hole away from your dream so never give up. Believe in the power of the atmosphere.

Mama said, “Stay out of trouble.” Mama said, “Don’t be a fool.” Mama said, “Stay in somebodies church.” Mama said, “Boy stay in school.” Mama told me I better get home before the street light come on. Mama always use to cry when I left her maybe cause daddy was gone. I still remember the lessons my mama taught me. But now it’s my turn to show you how far they brought me. Mama I made it. Mama I made it. I could of been locked up, I could of been gunned down, but I found my own way. I ain’t gonna stop now, cause Mama I made it and I hope it made you proud. Mama said, “Stay humble.” Mama said, “Stay true.” Mama said, “Boy keep that drama far away from you.” Mama told me keep working, pressing on to the future. Mama told me she lost one and she ain’t trying to lose two. But I had to find my way and I had to get my own. Mama ain’t always right, but she never lead me wrong. I don’t know if I’m a make it big, mama but I made it out.

August Alsina

I’ve always been really conscious about issues that take place in the world. One thing I’ve always been passionate about is helping other people in my own way. When my story is all said and done that’s what I pray the world remembers me by.

Happy Birthday Whitney. You lived by your words when you said the goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will. You left the world a legacy to aspire to, barriers that may never be broken. A true global icon you are.

Happy Birthday Whitney. You lived by your words when you said the goal isn’t to live forever, it’s to create something that will. You left the world a legacy to aspire to, barriers that may never be broken. A true global icon you are.

We make love and then we f*ck and then you give me my space. The love is ours to make, so we should make it.

Jhene Aiko

Truthfully, I’m cutting people off who can’t do sh*t for me. Cause I made mistakes of helping people who just take from me. See me trying to get it so they plotting on me faithfully. I know if I lost it all tomorrow they won’t stay with me.

August Alsina